Commercial and private HDA & HLO Training

MCA Helideck Team Training Courses

Helidecks was the first company to deliver full commercially accredited helideck team training back in 2011. Since then we have provided certified HLO and HDA training worldwide to all types of commercial yacht helidecks. Our commercial helideck course meets all the requirements laid down the MCA Large Yacht Helideck Training Syllabus and combines decades of helideck experience on both civilian and military helidecks to provide all helideck team members the knowledge and skills to be able to operate helicopters on-board yachts safely and efficiently as possible. 

We also offer a private version of the course for privately operated non certified helidecks.

No matter what your training requirement we can offer a professional, cost effective solution for you on-board your vessel at your location. We have in-house teams of instructors ready to deploy so you can be assured that we will be able to cope with any last minute training requests. Contact us regarding your helidecks training needs.


Helicopter Refuel & Jet A1 Fuel Handling

Our comprehensive fuel course has been designed to provide yacht engineers with an in-depth knowledge on helicopter refuel and the safe handling, storage and testing of Jet A1 aviation fuel.  

The course is a mixture of theory and practical lessons covering all aspects of Jet A1 fuel systems on-board yachts. The course includes –

  • Aviation fuel delivery systems
  • Receipt and storage of Fuel
  • Routine checks and system maintenance
  • Fuel sampling and testing
  • Helicopter refuel procedures
  • Emergency response

By the end of the course delegates will have all the technical knowledge required to maintain Jet A-1 fuel at the correct standard for use in a marine environment. 


Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence

Anyone who operates an airband radio must be in possession of an appropriate radio licence.   Our course will teach yacht crews the correct terminology and phraseology to be used in communications with helicopters on an offshore helipad. The course is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, taught by our highly experienced CAA authorized examiner. 

We can also offer a shortened bridging course for current GMDSS holders to gain a ROCC. 

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will be awarded a certificate of competence issued directly from the UK Civil Aviation Authority

Dangerous Goods

Aviation Dangerous Goods Awareness

It is a requirement by law that comprehensive and approved training must be given to all helideck team members to ensure they are aware of  hazards posed by the transport of dangerous goods by air.  It is also a requirement of law that re-validation training be carried out every 24 months.  All crew carrying out a Commercial Helideck Training course must have a valid Dangerous Goods training certificate.

To make is easy for crews to achieve dangerous goods certification Helidecks have developed a online training course which has been designed to meet the dangerous goods prerequisites for the MCA Large Yacht Training Syllabus for Commercial Helidecks. The course provides easy to understand way to ensure you are fully aware of the possible hazards associated with the transport of dangerous goods by air during yacht heli-operations.

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